Who is the best-selling music artist in Japan? ーB’z

B'zの公式サイトで公開された2021年のアーティスト写真 その他

In this article, I would like to introduce the best-selling music artist in Japan.

B’z is the best-selling music artist in Japan

As of 2021, B’z(1988-) is the best-selling music artist in Japan.(Only CD sales counted) They have sold 82.91 million CDs.


B’z is the hard rock band, consisting of Tak Matsumoto on Guitar, and Koshi Inaba on Vocal.
They have released 53 singles, 21 studio albums, etc., 34 of which became million hits.
And B’z have held live tours entitled “LIVE-GYM” almost every year since 1989, with more than 1030 performances. (No performances were postponed or canceled.)

Their popularity is Tak’s mellow guitar tone and Koshi’s powerful high-tone singing voice, and they are highly regarded at home and abroad. For example, in 1999, Tak Matsumoto was certified as the first signature artist in Asia by the major American guitar maker “Gibson”.


In 2007, B’z was inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk Hall of Fame for the first time in Asia, at the recommendation of Steve Vai and others.

In 2011, Tak Matsumoto won the 53rd Grammy Award for his collaborative album “TAKE YOUR PICK” with Larry Carlton.

In 2002 and 2013, the American rock band “Aerosmith” and B’z co-starred in a concert.

Japan Top 10 CD Sales Ranking

Below is the CD sales ranking by Japanese music artists.

RankArtistActivity start yearSales
1.B’z198882.91 million
2.AKB48200562.69 million
3.Mr.Children198960.49 million
4.Ayumi Hamasaki199850.72 million
5.Southern All Stars197549.65 million
6.DREAMS COME TRUE198844.99 million
7.ARASHI199943.39 million
8.Yumi Matsutoya196840.02 million
9.GLAY198839.04 million
10.ZARD199137.67 million
Researched by Oricon Inc.